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Having A Beer

Can Truck Drivers Drink Off Duty? | Find Out! (Must Read)

Alcohol is a famous pastime for many people who enjoy relaxing after a hard day of work. Stats show that more than 80% of people above the age of 18 in the United States have consumed alcohol at one time in their lives. But, what happens if you are responsible for transporting important cargo and…

Blue Collar Truckers

Is Truck Driving Blue Collar?|Is It Hard? (Find Out)

Truck driving can be a lot of responsibility and a strenuous job focusing on the long road, but is it considered a blue-collar job? What makes a job “blue-collar,” and can driving all day be classified as manual labor? Truck driving has various opposing views regarding its difficulty and categorization, but the blue-collar origin and…

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What Happened To Cabover Semi Trucks In The United States?

A cab-over truck is a semi-truck with the cab above the engine bay. A technician must lift the cab with a hydraulic system to get to the engine. They were popular in the United States until the 1970s but aren’t prevalent anymore. Cab-overs aren’t commonly used anymore in the United States for two reasons. First,…

Trucking Movies

17 Truck Driver Movies (Some Good, Some Not So Much)

If you’re a fan of trucking and a fan of movies what can be better than combining the two. Over the decades there have been some great trucking movies made and a few that are lacking but at least they have trucks in them. Here is a list of 17 movies that have a focus…

Hot Shot Trucking

What You Should Know About Hot Shot Trucking?

The trucking industry has a variety of terms that are used to describe different jobs, but if you’ve ever heard the term hot shot trucking, then you might wonder what it means. What do hot shot truckers do? Hot shot trucking is a way of transporting time-sensitive goods quickly and efficiently and hot shot truckers…

U.S. Flag

Do You Have to Be a U.S. Citizen to Get a CDL?

Getting your Commercial Driver’s License is required if you want to do any job that requires handling of heavy machinery or large vehicles. As such, you may be wondering whether you’re able to get a CDL without being a U.S. citizen. Is citizenship required to get a CDL? To get your CDL, you’ll need to…

Ethnic Truck Driver

Do You Have To Speak English To Be A Truck Driver In The U.S.?

Truck drivers today look much different than they did 30 years ago. More and more people from all over the world are becoming part of the truck driving industry, using their skills to transport essential goods all across the states, but do you have to speak English to be a truck driver in the U.S.?…

Intermodal Trucking

What is Intermodal Trucking?

When it comes to the logistics of freight and shipping, not everyone knows what intermodal trucking is or why it is useful. This particular method of freight transportation is used by many shipping companies in order to facilitate a more efficient shipping process. But what exactly is it and how does it work? Intermodal trucking…