How To Get Free Showers At Truck Stops? (Best Places List)

While spending most of their time on the road, truck drivers cannot shower that often unless they are willing to pay for the service at a truck stop or at a hotel. Having to pay every day to shower can quickly rack up a large bill, so is there a way to get free showers at truck stops?

Truck Stop Fueling

Free showers from a truck stop can be attained by using your rewards card. By purchasing fuel and redeeming points, you are able to accumulate free showers on your rewards card. Another way is to ask a fellow truck driver if they have free showers on their card they are willing to do without.

Discover how easy it is to get many free showers at a truck stop so that you will never have to spend another dime on the road to shower again. And if you thought there was only one way, then think again. We listed and detailed a handful.

How to get free truck stop showers

If you happen to be a truck driver, there is an easy way that you can accumulate and take free showers. What you need to do is get yourself a rewards card. This card is the size of a credit card and is just like any other rewards card that you would get at various shops or restaurants.

However, these truck stop reward cards allow you to accumulate points and showers when purchasing fuel at a truck stop. You are able to pick up these reward cards at any major national truck stop chains such as TA (TravelCenters of America), Love’s, Flying J’s, Pilot, and AMBEST.

When you have purchased 50-gallons worth of fuel and used your rewards card, you automatically become eligible for a free shower. One thing to note is that the shower credit that you obtain once you have purchased your fuel is that it is only valid for a specific period of time.

This means that if you do not use your free shower credit, it will expire. Different truck stops have various time limits when it comes to how long it will be till the free shower credit passes; however, you can average it on being in the vicinity of a week.

Get Your Pilot/Flying J Rewards Card Here

How to use your rewards card to get a free shower

Once you know that you have a free shower credit, you will need to use your rewards card at a kiosk to gain access to it.

All you will need to do is insert or scan your rewards card at the kiosk. You will then be prompted to enter some form of a security code. After that, you will be taken to a home screen where you will have numerous services which you can peruse or redeem, with one of them being showers.

Once you have selected to redeem a shower, you will be prompted with a list where you can pick to use a shower credit, use your points, or pay in cash.

Once selecting the shower credit option, the kiosk will proceed to print out a shower ticket (receipt). On the ticket will be your driver ID and then your shower number. A monitor near the kiosk will then display your driver ID and number, notifying you when your shower is ready.

Please take note that besides having the ability to get one free shower, you have an option to redeem two free showers when using your shower credit, which we will discuss next.

Are there any other ways to get free showers at truck stops?

There are two other ways in which you can get free showers at a truck stop. The first is also using your rewards card. As we discussed, you can earn points that accumulate on your rewards card and besides having to purchase 50-gallons of gas for a free shower, you can redeem points from your card to also obtain one.

An important factor to consider is that if you redeem a shower off of your rewards card, you can opt to choose what is called a “team shower.”. this means that when you redeem one shower, you will get another one for free. Take note that this can come in handy because if you plan to buy a shower you will only be able to take one.

Once you have obtained your ticket (receipt) from the kiosk, all you will need to do is to take it to the counter and ask them to give you a team shower. It’s as simple as that.

The other way you can get a free shower is simply to ask a fellow truck driver if they have spare shower credits that they aren’t using. For the most part, they have many showers accumulated on their cards and will be more than happy to help you out.

Do you have to be a truck driver to use a truck stop shower?

You do not have to be a truck driver in order to be able to use a truck stop shower. Any patron who uses the truck stop and is willing to purchase a shower is more than welcome to use it.

Showers cost between $12 and $15, respectively, depending on which truck stop you are at. All you will need to do I go to the counter and purchase one. You will then typically be given a ticket with a number allocating you when your turn is.

Additionally, you will receive a code that allows you to access the shower. If you have to wait, there will usually be a lounge-type area filled with furniture and some form of entertainment (games) that you can keep yourself occupied with until it is your turn.

Best truck stops and shower locations

We discussed that all major national truck stop chains would have showers available, and some will be better than others depending. However, we have comprised a list of the 12 best truck stops and their respective showers in the USA, so if you are ever headed in that direction, you know where to stop, take a rest, and a shower.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Coldfoot Camp

Johnstown, Colorado

Johnson’s Corner Truck Stop

Davie, Florida

Florida 595 Truck Stop

Boise, Idaho

Boise Stage Stop

Morris, Illinois

Morris Travel Center

Walcott, Iowa

Iowa 80

New Orleans, Louisiana

Palace Truck Stop And Casino

Albert Lea, Minnesota

Trail’s Travel Center

Jean, Nevada

Whiskey Pete’s

Portland, Oregon

Jubitz Travel Center

Holladay, Tennessee

North Forty Truck Stop

Little America, Wyoming

Little America Travel Center


We discovered that it is pretty easy to get a free shower at a truck stop if you are a truck driver. The main way is to use the loyalty card that major chains give out. By purchasing a certain amount of gas, you can redeem free showers.

The two other ways to obtain free showers are to spend your loyalty points from your card or ask another truck driver if they would be kind enough to spare you a shower. In most cases, they will be happy to oblige.

Then the list we provided is not one of your ordinary truck stops. These locations offer and feature rich services that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else or from your national truck stop chains.

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